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A little off topic but I got this email from a friends that said Oil Money The city I never heard of called Dubai. They are building a huge city with the money and is said to control over 15-25% of the world cranes right now for large buildings! It also stated they are making large man made islands like palm trees and island resembling the map of the world you have to Use GOOGLE Earth this to believe it! They are using large dredgers to move the sand up. Type in Dubai

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Yo All...My Daughter & Granddaughter just returned from 10 days in Dubai (plus a week or so in Paris).... Dubai is an amazing place that you may want to learn more about...Cheers, Unc

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Yeah,.....simply amazin what they do with all those U.S. oil dollars. Just wait for ol' Mother Natures power of the sea to wreak havoc on all the time money an effort spent creating that, Just think of all the good for mankind that could be done if not for the outlandish expenditures of the Elite of the world, another case of "more money than brains" :coffeetime: :twocents:

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Giant UGLY buildings, opulence and greed at it's best...


Saw a neat little show about how they ass rape little boys over there, no justice and the government could care less, wonderful place... :whoopie:

Yeah right!

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People from cities like Dubai wipe their butts with $10,000 dollar bills (if there is such a thing). I live in Los Angeles and you should see how filthy rich some of these people are that come over from there. Let's put it this way, a brand new Ferrari is chump change to them!

I believe Dubai is being built up for tourism because the government there is trying to get away from heavily relying on their oil production as an economic stablizer. Gotta pay the bills somehow right? :shrug:

Personally I think it's amazing to think that humans are capable of such a great engineering feats. That city is an engineering marval! My god, they've built a ski lodge out in the middle of the desert! Good for Dubai! I hope their economic plans work out for them. :whoopie: It makes me happy to know at least one place in the middle east is starting to prosper.

Just my :twocents:


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