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A New Patch

John B.

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Hi All

While wondering to an old patch I bumped onto a new patch :icon_mrgreen: . I only got 3 nuggets out of it today and a zinging quartz rock fist sized :innocent0002: . My first nugget was about a gram on the surface and my 3rd target to start the day and I moved off and let my Cajon huntin partner play :outtahere: . I strolled over fifty feet or so and turned on again the next target was a 30.2 dwt nugget ( alittle over 1.5 ounces) at a very deep one inch :woohoo: . Then the hunt was on :ROFL: !! I filled my pouch 3 times with lots of tin , lead, nails, wire, brass and assorted crap :angry-smiley-010: . I found some other interesting areas so I spent most of the day wondering leaving my Cajon pal to play :innocent0009: . My last target of the day on my way back to the truck was about 2 foot from my second whopper nugget and is another Goldstudmuffin sized dink ( about a gram ) :tisc-tisc: . Sweatpea had already ordered a battery for the camera :angry-smiley-010: . When I get it if the friggin camera still works I'll post some picks. Until then it's just gonna look like a mud ball :Huh_anim]: . What I can see of it there is a fair amount of quartz attached :whoopie: . So I'll also do a specific gravity and let you folks tell me how much gold I found today :hmmmmmm: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi Slim

Picture in your feeble mind a flatened turd from Nugget ( without the smell) that's about what it looks like so far :Huh_anim]: !! We'll see if the camera works when I get a battery to it :confused0013: !! Or you'll have to wait to see it at an outing or in a museum :innocent0009: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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John,the run for the new patch is on. That is a nice find.Did Cajon get in on any finds.I'll be back down as soon as i get lhe last of the desert pinstriping :laught16: off My diesel pusher.


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