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So You Can't Spell Eh? Don't Like To Type?

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I am a very slow typer, especially when I have to re-type what someone else wrote. When I bought my first scanner it came with OCR and I found it to be a great help in putting typed words into editable text. I have heard about Voice Recognition software before but never used it. I still haven't used it but I researched it for a friend and found that it is now very accurate and will type for you at up to 160 words per minute. I can't even talk that fast.

In any case, I know there are people out there who would like to share their experiences with us but they either don't like to type or they flunked spelling or ... well, you know.

If you want to share your experiences with us and have been hesitant for any of the above reasons, this is the best $99 you will ever spend. You talk, it types...


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Too bad it rarely works as the video shows. I know we have it here and after reading to it for weeks in order for it to understand us "properly" it's still the huge PITA it was from the start and needs a ton of editing.

Ours is 3 years old (same software) but its doubtful to me they have made that big of improvements on it. Do you have it and are you totally happy with it?

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I have used dragon in the past when I used to train law enforcement people on the Intoxilyzer Breath Alcohol Content Analyzer and it worked for me all the time. But you have to be able to speak clearly and distinctly and not ramble or it goes bonkers on you.

BTW, I once got caught doing a power point display and swore at someone under my breath and oooops it showed on the screen. :tisc-tisc: So you really have to be careful about what you say if you use it in front of a group. :innocent0009:

You can always find this software on sale on amazon or eBay for a lot less sometimes.


Stan aka Kaimi

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