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Mike's Mexican Coin

John B.

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Hi All

I've found several of these copper coins over the years and they are called Cuarta's :confused0013: . They are a 1/16 realle minted in Hermossillo Mexico under the permission of the King of Spain :innocent0009: . They were only minted from 1831-1836 and were a common currency here in Mexico :smrt1: . Remember Southern Arizona was Mexico until the Gadsden Purchase of 1852 :Huh_anim]: . Many of the Placer gold fields of todays Southern Az were known and worked prior to the california Gold Rush of 1849 :shrug: . The working were rich but technoligy very primitive :grrr01: . The early works were with pots and pans but mostly winnowing :idea: . Many of these goldfields were known and worked as early as the late 1600s but little is known, written or recorded of thier workings, locations and production prior to 1900 :angry-smiley-010: . Mike's coin in depreciated mexican value in todays currency has a value that probably wouldn't buy him a bubble gum :laught16: . But they can be purchased in good condition from several coin dealers for $30.00 to $50.00 bucks :wink2: . A coin dealer in Tucson named Hal Birt has written many books on early coinage and tokens and has a small book on the history of these coins :winking0011: . Well I don't know what you folks think of Mike's coin find :smack: ?? But I think it's are really cool find :bowdown: !! A great big congrads to my favorite Phoenician Mike :whoopie: !!! :whoopie: Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi Mike

Hal Birt has some for sale at around $40.00 each :coffeetime: . But they have never been in the ground :confused0013: . Unfortunatly nobody collects Mexican coins not even Mexicans :Huh_anim]: . Probably because they have devalued thier currency a few to many times :hmmmmmm: !! I still think they are a really neet find :bowdown: :bowdown: Happy Huntin John B.

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