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Sad DAY in Kingman


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TO all my friends on the forum......I lost my mother today after a month long fight with her


She passed over this morning at about 3:15 am and will be missed by many.

I know a lot of you from the meteorite forum knew about her and I want to thank you all for the

thought and prayers....................THANKS TO ALL

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Aloha Rick,

I will be in touch with my Sister to pass on the news and ask her once again to say a mass for her at her convent. Hopefully it was an easy passing although it never is for the rest of the family. Take care of your dad now as he will need all the attention it takes for him to get through these hard times.

Aloha and God bless,

Stan aka Ka'imi

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Rick, Our prays go out to you and your family. Blessings come in many ways as you know. Just be ready for them.


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I know that this last month has been a rough one for you and the family. Your mother is now in good hands, her suffering is over. Your suffering will go on for quite some time before the pain subsides.

My heart and prayers go out to you and yours, chin up my friend.


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So sorry to see your post on your Mom's passing. There's not much that will take that knot out out of your stomach or the ache out of your heart but, having lost mine too soon, I'd just like to tell you to hang in there. It never gets easier, it will get easier to talk about. Till then, just hang in there.

My most sincere condolences, Ben

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