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John, I for sure would not waste a second of my time trying to 'splain nuthin to that jerkoff...Like trying to teach a pig to dance...the outcome is not worth the effort and it pisses off the pig... I'd report the garbage dumper sttraight up...Just tell the piss fir that you was out there hugging trees, (wearing a condom of course) and you stumbled upon this vile difiling of mother earth...Tell'em that after you got done sobbing, your guiding spirit led you to dial their number and report this character...Tell'em you actually observed him and his wife engaging in obscene acts in front of some endangered hooty owl who now can't sleep and began roaming the woods at night, aimlessly slaughtering small furry things in a desprete attempt to wipe the horrid memories from their dinky little minds...At least that's my advice...Remember to stick some tree bark in your navel if you go there in person :ROFL: ...And post a pic o' that apperition...Cheers, Unc

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