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Hello Rich,

That nugget was only 2-3" deep and it screamed at me .

Hello Mike,

Even though that coin was found with the Minelab , I know the DFX would have been saying "penny, dime" "penny, dime" and "dig me" "dig me" :innocent0009:

Thanks Guys .

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Hi Mike I could see a dfx finding it at the 3-4 inch range :innocent0009: news flash I no longer have a EX2 just sold it to try out a fisher F75 to see what its all about-I heard its way better than a dfx and might be better than the explorer-we'll see :hmmmmmm: -again nice finds :headphones: -Mike C... :ph34r2:

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makes you wonderhow the guy felt who lost it. but to touch something that no one has touched sense he did some years ago,just gets me a feelinglike i never had before. its makes me feel great inside. great fine, and thanks for showing us. frankie

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