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drywasher question


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my son took me to look at drywashers yesterday, looks like he has it narrowed down to two.

The gold buddie, or the gold duster.

I don't see much difference in them, the only thing that seems different is that the gold duster bolwer inlet is a little further down the the riffle box. was told that it blows furrther down so that it doesn't blow the fine gold off in the top.

both machine cost the same, look the same, close to the same size and construction.

anybody would like to comment? :confused0013:

thanks, rick

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I have the gold duster I can't say anything bad about it. Mr Wilson that guy that makes them will stand behind his

product if anything happens to it. There will be a GPAA show in Phoenix in early Feb you should be able to get a better

price there on either machine. I don't think you could go wrong with either one.


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Well I have used a Keene puffer, a Keene 151, a Gold Duster and a Gold Buddy. All are very good machines. I'm presently using a Gold Buddy and I like it alot. My partner uses a Gold Duster and I think it does a little better job of getting the fine gold. Either machine would be a good investment. The best part about the Gold Buddy and Gold Duster is they are not to heavy and store very compactly.


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Thanks everyone for the replies,

I let him read these and he can decide, Myself I enjoy my recirculating sluice, he can have the dust! :laught16:


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