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Franconia 12/26/2007-1/2/2008

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Stan and I just got back from a week long hunt out at Franconia. It was exhausting, the weather was cold at night and perfect during the day. I had some good days and some bad. We had a few visitors stop by (Mike, Paul, Nate and his cousin, and Jason). Thanks for coming out guys, Jason it was nice to finally meet you. Here's my totals-

Chondrites- 34 total (1 gram up to 78.8 grams) weighing in at 815 grams.

Irons- Only 8! I LOST MY LITTLE BLUE JAR WITH A WHITE CAP! :grrr01: I had about 40-50 irons in there with a couple small chondrites. So please keep you eyes peeled for it. It's somewhere on the north side, so if somebody finds it I would appreciate if it was returned to me.

Stan and I both decided to spend one day hunting the south side. He found the first one, I found the second by dumb luck. I was walking with my detector down on the ground and I got a screaming signal as I was walking through a small wash. Ended up being a nice complete 62.4 gram chondrite! :whoopie: Talk about dumb luck, I got so lucky! After we fihished hunting the south side we ran into Denny who was nice enough to show us some of his HUGE finds. Thanks Denny!

My most erciting find was a broken piece with about fragments sitting close by. I'm positive they fit together, I just have to figure out how.

I'm glad to be home now in a nice warm house eating warm food. I'm exhausted from walking 10+ miles a day... but it was so worth it! I was trying to make my first 100+ gram find, but that didn't happen... oh well next time! The trip was a blast and I look forward to doing it again sometime soon.





















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Del, it was nice to meet you too and WTG on the finds!!!! :whoopie: :wubu: :bowdown: I was raring to go yesterday, and left about 0620 or so and was hunting by 0645. I only found three pieces, two chondrites and one iron, which is posted. Congrats again. Jason :;):

PS I'll keep my eyes peeled for the irons. I thought though you put them back in the truck after showing them to me. Might be a while before I get down there again.

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The anticipation was horrible waiting to see the finds. :coffeetime: Nice job, all you guys! :whoopie: Sorry to here about your irons Dell. Maybe we should put a bounty on the safe return. I would kick in a free DVD to the finder. Lets get some action going here. Maybe it's more fun to find lost items if the return is good enough. Did anyone ever find my lost Handy Dandy??. Or the green tooth brush Todd and I found next to the nice piece and lost again on the same day??. :laught16::laught16: By the way, thanks for the plug on the DVD to Sam.

Sam, I sent you an email. Welcome to the forum. We will get you fixed up.

Wayne :icon_mrgreen:



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Okay, now the old man reports on his finds for the trip. :innocent0009:

First of all tho: Big Mahalo to Del for the little catalytic heater you loaned me during the trip. darn my Jacuzzi feels soooooo good after a week in the cold.

Nate: Way to go on your find guy. You and your cousin absolutely went for the gusto and got it this trip. :cool04:

Mike and Paul: You guys rule when it comes to finding stuff. Nice meeting up with you guys once again. We have to do it again soon. Well, maybe when it gets warmer for sure. :brows:

Jason: It was real hard waking up that last morning but we finally got out around 9am. Nice to see you found a couple of great jigsaw puzzle pieces. Those are the best for me to find also.

Denny: What can I say about you letting us into your home to see your "little" specimens. :yourock:

Me: I came away with 26 finds for a total weight of 470 grams. I also am missing my jar of irons.Tthey just have to be somewhere in my jeep or camping gear.Attached are just a couple of pics from this trip. One unfortunate desert tortoise apparently got turned over on a ledge of rocks and all that was left was his/her white shell. Said a quick prayer for him/her and marked the spot.

Aloha and off to the jacuzzi once again for an hour.

Stan aka Kaimi







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Stan and Del:

Once again it was a pleasure hanging around the fire with you guys. It was nice to see Nate again and to meet his cousin.

We wanted to let you guys know we were leaving but you came in switched to Dels truck and you were gone before we had a chance. We figured you either found one so big the jeep couldnt hold it or you went to get some wood. :innocent0009: I dont have my total weight for our 3 days but I got 17 chonderites and 15 irons. I had one 129 grams one 80-90 grammer one 70-80 grammer 2 or 3 in the 50 gram range the rest were between 4 and 30 grams. I estimate around 500 maybe 600 grams total Not bad for 2 days on the south side and one on the north.


Man we must have just missed you. Soon enough we will get together to collect some rocks.

Thanks again for the fun and the chattin around the fire.


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Way to go Del and Stan. I plan on being in the area in about two weeks for a week or so. Hope some of you will drop

in and say hello or get together for a hunt or two. Also Stan, you and Del could bring the steak and lobster again if you

feel like roughing it as before. I won't forget that meal for awhile. I'll probably be at the first flat spot as the second one

now belongs to the utility company. Hope to see some of you soon. --Perry--

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Stan, very nicely done, even with a "iffy" coil!!! I guess walking pays off...I ended up with about 8 miles or so in those few hours. Boy was I sore the next day, I can only imagine a weeks worth of that. Congrats again! Jason :;):

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Nice to have seen you guys again, Del and Stan you guys kicked butt out there nicely done.

I only found 9 Chondrites and 12 little irons.

I did find the ugliest chondrite Ive ever seen the 143.1g pieces in the pics

The neatest find I think I made was a little 9.4g chondrite with a iron hanging on it.

Total- chondrites (9) 239.4g

Total- irons (11) 4.3g




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Hot darn Mike, those are some very awesome pieces that fit together. That iron is also tops!

I love them jigsaw pieces the best tho. I still drool everytime I think about my missing piece from my "honker". Hopefully I can get my goldmax coil fixed and then I will definitely go back to that spot and grid it again.

Jason: Walking does pay off in the long run BUT I sure wish I had an atv handy some times.

Aloha till the next time,

Stan aka Kaimi

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WTG guys, just goes to show that there is still a crop of meteorites in that field. Kinda looks like Del is starting to pick up some of the seeds. Let them sprout first and pick them in the spring....Looks like everyone did well for the time spent, of course we all know that Mike and Paul are going to score good, bet they could find one on I-40. Maybe we have to install a lost and found box somewhere down there, getting to be quite a list of things misplaced over on the North side.

Between Del, Nate, Stan, Mike, Paul, Jason and Mookie, I figure the field is lighter by about 2400 + or - grams, and then there is the missing irons.

Mike, that is one super find, cornflake iron attached to a nice hunk of chondrite. Definitely should have a special place in your display.

Stan, you could have invited the whole group over to your jacuzzi for steak and lobster :poke:

You should have gotten ahold of John B., he could have told you how to fix that Goldmax coil.

Great finds, super pictures. :wubu:


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Dang, I've been trying to post but I get cut off everytime because my sister has a satellite connection and California's getting pummeled by rain right now.

Mike and Paul.. dang guys excellent as always! Hey Paul I think I got one of those pieces to fit finally. There's defintely more pieces that that piece broke into. I have to get back out there and try to find the rest of the pieces.

As for the lost items, thats #2! I lost my GPS somewhere out there a few months back and I had to get a new one.

Hopefully this post goes through this time.


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Wayne that would be my toothbrush [ -_-]

Wow guys you really racked in the finds! I miss hunting with you guys!

i need to get out there soon and dig up a few.


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Wayne that would be my toothbrush [ -_-]

Wow guys you really racked in the finds! I miss hunting with you guys!

i need to get out there soon and dig up a few.


Yeah you need to get back out there kid! It sucks to see the working world has swollowed another victim. Let me know if you guys plan on heading out there anytime soon.

As for the toothbrush... I thought of you guys when Wayne posted that!


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