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Gold Basin Dec 29

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Hi All

Waiting for posts from Franconia. :confused0013: But in the mean time, here's the last hunt from GB. :icon_mrgreen: It's getting tougher & tougher to find much out there. Sure is a lot of gridding going on. These are not big but no skunk. 26.3 grams. Nice finds Rubin in Holbrook. :whoopie: Can't wait to hear the news from Franconia. :coffeetime:

Wayne :icon_mrgreen:


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Hey Wayne,

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd find more in Holbrook, than Gold Basin. The time is coming when meteorite hunting will be practiced, but meteorite finding may be a different story. Especially at Holbrook, Gold Basin and Franconia.


Sorry, I mean Ruben Garcia

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We should thank our lucky stars we are in the place and time to find the fragments we have found. The fields are worked hard. With all the great hunters I do believe there will be more great finds. Thank goodness we are here to explore the fields and capture for the future. Keep up the history!!!


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That is one of the reasons that I began documenting everything in video and print.(the other is ego..LOL)

I realized that no one was doing it! Future generations will only be able to read about successful meteorite hunting. I've written a lot, and someday may publish a compilation book of all my published writings. There just aren't too many "real" Meteorite hunters documenting their experiences.

I've actually written something about the future of meteorite hunting. If you think about it, we are in business to put ourselves out of business. After all, they don't grow out there, once they're picked up, they're gone!

Just a bit of wisdom from the book of Ruben.

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