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Important info on flying with Lithium Batteries

Dan Judd

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Thanks for the headsup Dan! This is important stuff if you will be flying with a md...it would seem that this only pertains to Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries? Not NiMH, not non-rechargeable AA Lithium camera batteries, I think (hope)... I guess I need to look at my batteries...

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Dan....Kamikaze....and folks....the TSA does a lot of training but the regulations can be interpreted

(screwed up) by different indivials.....so if your taking your spare batteries (I do) just do a little

preplanning......WalMart....Radio Shack...and dozens of other stores sell little plastic storage cases

for most any size battery....isolating ALL batteries can save you a lot of time in the check in line at the

airport...even though you may be right about the type some of the TSA folks have a IQ the same

as their shoe size....and always remember....they have absolute power to confiscate the item(s) in

question and if you decide to put up a argument they can also put your ass in jail.....

even here in the jungle I carry my spare camera and gps batteries in their protective plastic cases

so the airport is a breeze.....

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Wow, They have completely changed the write up on the TSA website since I posted this last week. Before they stated it was OK to check spare Lithium batteries as long as they were taped, bagged, etc. Now they are saying that loose Lithium batteries have to be taped, bagged, etc, and must be in your carry on luggage.

:confused0013: The only question at this point is what is the lithium content of Minelab's new battery and Doc's pocket rocket. According to the new regs, "you can bring batteries with up to 8-gram equivalent lithium content." Another limitation is not more than 2 spare batteries with a total of 25 grams of lithium content.

So... what we need to know is lithium content of battery that comes with the Minelab GPX4000 and Doc's Pocket Rocket batteries. If these are under the limit, then we need a certificate or sticker that we can attach to the battery to show the TSA folks if/when questions arise. Also a copy of regs in your pocket wouldn't be a bad idea.

If we can't get something nailed down in black and white, the only option for folks like myself and Gaine flying to Alaska with our detectors will be to ship our batteries ahead of time. Maybe we could work something out with Steve Herschbach. Hope it doesn't come to that.

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Something else you folks going to Alaska might want to consider.....call the airline that you'll be

flying on and" briefly"described your problem(they don't know Lithium from lipstick) and ask them

if they have a "will call" in their baggage area at your destination airport....then ship ahead of time

there instead of a place in the wild (outback).

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