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Hi FrankC, It wasnt very deep, No more then 10 inches. It was setting under some big rocks at a turn in the wash. I passed by it a couple times and went back because I found some smaller ones the day before, and went slower. Oh, Happy new year to you also.

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That gold is way to big to garner any comments, they gotta be little pea sized pieces. :laught16:

WTG, nice gold......


Don, Its not that it is big piece, it just takes some of us a while to think about all of your great finds! I want to be just like you when I grow up!! Thanks for the pics.


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sd2200d---I gotta laugh as all I hear now is how they're antiques already and blah blah blah--man alive that detector is alive and very well,thank you very much!! Righteous hunk a chunka a oro puro,it's relatives await you !!Tons a au 2 u 2-John

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Thanks guys. Dave It started out like a warble, just enough change in the hot rocks to let you know something was there, so I pulled a six inch black rock out of the way and stuck the coil in and it went oooowwwweeee. Took a inch off and WWWEEE :yikes: and yes, I like the SD, and the GPX to. I can find different types of nuggets that one wont hear as well. Unless you set there and figure out what coil, and wich way to tune it to try and match the others signal. Well thanks, and Bunk, You found a patch not to long ago :cigar:

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