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Found 74 grams in Holbrook

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Thats awesome Ruben, I cant wait for my little one to get just a bit older, nothing beats a day out with the family and having everyone enjoying what is going on.

Dang and 74 Grams man nice haul, those Holbrooks are one tough meteorite to find.

Congrats and Happy New Year.

Travis Brown

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Hey Jason,

Thanks, we missed you, Ben and Erik and others at the outing. However, I counted 25 people that participated in one way or another at this -not so - mini-outing.

The "Group Meteorite Hunt" article is done! Larry and Nancy at Meteorite Magazine emailed and said that they'll publish it in 2008!

The story follows chronologically with the day. Pretty much everyone that found something is included: Jim Smaller, Billy and Tiffany Wetzel, Mike Morgan, Paul Desilets, Del Waterbury, Stan Santiago, Denny Asher, John Wolfe, Robert Ward and Jim Shorten.

Unfortunately, I didn't know too many of the newbie’s names. However, if you were in the group photos you should be in the Magazine!

Subscribe today so you don't miss it!!

Ruben Garcia

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If it's crunchy then its coal from the railroad.

John, got any camel meteorites for sale? They have impeccable fusion crust.



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