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Franconia broke buy nate !!!!!!

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Hay all was out at Franconia this passed week end and yea , well i dent get skunked ;p

dont have pic yet but

this is what i found 116.5 gram pice on friday

7.4 on saderday

89.9 and like .3 pice on sunday

ill send pics soon as i get em

i broke the field well mabe not but dam was a grate weekend

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Way to Go Nate, Wish I could have been there but my attention and duty was at hom for right now

so I will gt out in the field when things get back to normal.

Glad ya got you a couple hope all had a good time out there.

happy new year to all

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Ill tell you he broke the field! all I heard all weekend was nate scrubbing the ground with his coil shield:)Thats how I could tel when he was near.LOL

Had fun this weekend.


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Nate, congrats on the finds!! WTG, I was going to make it down there, but got caught up doing some odds and ends :angry-smiley-010: . That's a good weekend in anyone's book. I'm leaving tonight to be down there first thing in the morning. Jason :;):

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