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Franconia till the end of 2007

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Yep folks, Del and I will be out at Franconia till the end of the year. That sure sounds like a looong time but it is only a week. Going to celebrate a little and hopefully bring in the new year with a nice size honker. if anyone has some time on their hands or a new detector they got for Christmas, stop on by and BS a little while hunting the area.

I should be getting there around 3pm at the latest and will set up my tent and gear at the usual camping spot. Looks like there might be a couple of other guys out there also.

Have a Hauoli Makahiki Hou and be safe this holiday weekend.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Well its my turn.... Im outa here. Hopefully I wont get be arriving to much after midnight. I will be staying till I find something also. Got all me air activated heat wraps for sleeping at night to stay warm :)

Hope to see a bunch of you out there. azdigger if you want to come out go ahead Ill have a extra machine for you.


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Hi Gang, well I'm finally going to make it to Franconia this weekend and join the others. Looks like I'll be there in the morning, until Monday afternoon, if my body can make it. I'll be in a silver F-150 with NV plates and tonnau cover. Going to start on the North side and see where it takes me.... Jason :;):

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