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Due to the lack of response on my below Mine lab question, I assume not many of you use Explorers, what kind of metal detectors do you reccomend??

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I don't doubt their $4000 GPXtreme machine would whip an explorers butt in heavy IRON mineralized ground, but it is quite possible it wouldn't in salt mineralized, wet sand. I don't know, as I don't yet own a GPXtreme, and I don't know how quick I would take 4 grand un- waterproofed into the surf, but hey, I am dumb enough to try it with my $1500 SE, so if I thought I'd find a gold doubloom doing it, yeah, I'd probably try it :laught16:

:laught16::laught16::laught16::laught16: digitrich I would think the least you could do is have a look at GP manuals before you make this claim.... :laught16: Pay particular attention to the "salt mode" section, if you only knew... :laught16: Once you make the switch to PI's then you'll know and understand the difference.

You can find them on Minelabs website-

Minelab Manuals

The whole "waterproof" thing doesn't matter because the majority of us hunt in the desert.

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