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Does anyone know where meteorites hit on Explorer series detectors??

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I have an Explorer SE and I'm wondering if different types of meteorites show up in different areas of the smartfind screen on the Minelab Explorer detectors? I have a friend who has a known iron meteorite that hits just below iron nails on the far left of the screen, but I'm wordering if stonys and stony irons hit any where near hot rocks (in the far upper right of the smart find screen)...as I have found several what appear to be fusion crusted, rigulyptus(sp?) covered specimens with fine grains of metal that very much appear to be meteorites. Interestingly, iron slag also hits where hot rocks do, so it would not be far off for a partially, even mostly iron meteorite to hit there. If anyone has experience with detecting for meteorites with an explorer model detector; I am looking for any advice I can get. :bowdown: Thanks for you help.

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top left corner,

they are highly feris and highly conductive.

So then all meteorites whether they be irons, stony irons or stony all hit the top left at 31-31?? Have you ever seen any hit on the top right side of the screen at 00-31? The reason I ask is I have sevaral rocks that show all the indications of being meteorites, however, they all ID at 00-31 in the far upper right corner, which is puzzling to me. :grrr01:

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DIR, one thing to remember, not everything is a meteorite, but most rocks seem like they should be. The best way to tell, is to file a "window" on a corner of the rock in question and see if it has any metal flakes or inclusions in it. Also, a streak test on the underside of the toilet lid to determine the color of the streak. Are they attracted to a magnet? If so, it could be magnetite, so again, not a meteorite. The stony meteorites, if they are true stone shouldn't show up on a detector at all, if I'm not mistaken, because they don't have any metal in them at all. Some of the meteorites I have found, (Franconia) show up on the explorer as a 30/31, 31/31, but in that area every time. I use a ML 3500, where meteorites are the by product of hunting/looking for gold. But since I have yet to find any gold, I use it solely for meteorites and love it. The trick is to use a small coil, very small coil. Greater sensitivity, and really finds the small stuff. Just my :twocents: .

Jason :;):

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if it was in the top right then they aren't conductive, so i doubt it?

but i can't say for sure. i would have those checked out.


On the Explorers, the more conductive a target is, the closer to the top of the screen it ID's at. Copper and silver which is highly conductive hits close to the top of the screen and so do iron nails and iron meteorites ( the few known examples I have been able to try) that is. The left to right direction is based on the targets ferrous or iron content, If an object has high iron content it is supposed to ID on the left side of the screen, as the object has less and less iron content it should ID further to the right side of the screen. But this is where it gets real cloudy and quick.. Iron slag, extremely large and rusted iron, and iron that has been in a fire can cause the detector to "false" or to ID a completely or nearly all iron object on the far upper right side of the screen at 00-31 instead of 31-31 (the far upper left part of the screen) as if the machine is reading the object as zero iron or ferrous content even though those objects are all iron. Unlike the conductive scale which is based on a straight linear path, the ferrous scale is not a straight linear path, it's more like a circle, with no beginning or end. The difference between an all iron target Id'ing at 31 is not just 31 points away from a non ferrous content target at 00 but also just 1 point away at the same time, apparently the ferrous scale goes from 31 on the far left side of the screen to 00 on the far right side of the screen, however if you proceed 1 point further right past 00 (because it is a circle not linear) you end up at 31 again, on the far left side of the screen. This was explained to be by an engineer who studied the reasons why the Explorers false zero ferrous content (far right side of the screen) on some ferrous or iron objects. Which explains why iron slag, bent or rusted iron nails and many iron ore rock types ID on the right side of the screen, as if they have no iron content when they are completely iron. And this is making me wonder if I haven't indeed found a machine that ID's certain meteorites. It may be that these meteorites are extremely weathered and therefore hit on the right side of the scale instead of the left. I honestly don't know, so the plan is to go to a local museum that has different types of meteorites and see if they will let me ID them with my machine and or ask you guys and gals on the form to try it with your own SE's and your known meteorites, especially the stony, stony irons and the ones that are extremely weathered. My guess, is as sensitive to specific metal type as an Explorer is, that meteorites with different metal content ratios, inclusions and weathering (rust); should ID in slightly if not totally different areas of the Smartfind screen. :hmmmmmm: It's a theory I am trying to prove or disprove. Sorry, so wordy.

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A side note.. I'm not hunting deserts or strewn fields for these meteorites. I am hunting glaciated soils which some of these meteorites may have been sitting here for 10000 years or more and have been adversely affected by extreme weathering and glacial drainage. I live in Iowa, so the whole desert thing is kind of out for me :grrr01:

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