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Win A Meteorite Contest 2.0

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Hi everyone... :)

Last night I had a meteorite giveaway contest on my website and it went by so fast there was a bunch of people who didn't get to place the guess on the meteorites weight. That was WAAAAY too fast! So I'm giving away yet another iron meteorite! I also forgot to post here in the meteorite forums to give you guys the opportunity to guess too. So here it is! :)

For those of you who participated in the last contest, Thanks! Now I have to make things a bit more challenging. It's was too easy too just guess 1-1000 grams and get it just by process of elimination. So, I decided to make it a bit more interesting by adding 1 more contest rule.

Win A Meteorite Contest 2.0:

First person to guess the correct weight of this meteorite to the gram wins it!


Only 3 Guesses Per Person. ;)

Must be exact weight, to the gram.

Contest ends on December 18th at midnight.

All guesses must be received by the expiration date.

That's it! I'll announce the winner on MeteoriteWatch.com! Dealers, again, you are welcome to guess as well and I'll place a FREE Banner ad for you too to advertise your business or website. You can't beat that deal.

You only get 3 guesses. Make them count! Post your guess here: www.meteoritewatch.com

Good luck everyone!


Eric Wichman



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Hi all,

We have a winner of the Win a Meteorite Contest 2.0 With a winning guess of 14grams Larry Atkins wins it! Congratulations Larry! Good guessing! More than 200 guesses were posted and many were "Oh so close" but only Larry won this contest.

Giving away meteorites is fun! I've given away 3 meteorites within 48hrs, will you be the next winner?

Maybe I should cut back a bit on the giveaways. What do you guys think? ;) I think the next contest is gonna have to be more challenging. You guys are just too good at guessing the weight of meteorites. Maybe I'll do something like "Guess The Exact Weight!" and put up a batch of multiple meteorites. Only this time you guys have to guess the exact weight to the 10th gram.

Hmmm... That sounds like fun! ;)

I want to thank everyone for participating in the contest, and for all the awesome email thanking me for the contest. I'll announce the winners on my site MeteoriteWatch.com soon, look for it. This is great fun and gets loads of people involved. Look for another contest soon featuring a Gold Basin meteorite! Everyone needs on of these great chondrites in their collection.

Thanks Everyone! :)


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