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FOR Sale - Canyon Diablo Graphite Slices / Mali / Uruacu

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I have a lot to offer to the list this week

If you're interested in anything listed below please send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com

If you would like more detailed images of the item your interested in let me know in your email.



First up I have some new Canyon Diablo Graphite Nodule Slices available for $2.50 per gram

I processed a 360 gram end cut and got 1 large super nice 73 gram slice, 3 medium sized slices and a variety of smaller slices.

You can see the 4 largest slices by clicking this:


You can view all I have to offer by clicking this link and then clicking the "Canyon Diablo Graphite Nodule" link



Next I have an 89 gram assortment on Mali / Erg Chek whole specimens and fragments available for $3 per gram

I'm selling these for another dealer as part of an agreement to earn his trust in hopes that he will send me a larger specimen from which I will be able to make a sphere.

Some of these pieces are about 90% fully crusted



Finally I have a 10 piece Uruacu Whole Sale Lot.

It's comprised of 9 normal 3-5mm thick slices and one 15mm thick slice

The total weight of the lot is 339 grams and I'm asking $250 which is 75 cents per gram

Uruacu is more difficult to cut but my process leaves a very smooth surface so there will be very little work need to sand, polish and etch these

Most are loaded with cohenite-schreibersite inclusions the bottom right slice had a fissure in it and once it was cut it separated into 2 slices so one side is cut and the other has a crust like weathered surface.

This isn't a good picture but it gives you an idea of what they look like


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