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Metal detectors in the snow?

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Hi all,

It snowed here today, not much, maybe an inch so far, and I'm not sure how much it will snow tonight. I was hoping to do some :icon_mrgreen: in the morning at a playground and park, but I was wondering... do metal detectors work in the snow? I have a Whites XLT and the coil has a plastic guard on it. Will it give a normal signal or will the snow/moisture cause bad signals?



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Snow is your friend. :xmas-smiley-031: You can see where you have been, in a grid pattern.

Just protect your control box with a plastic bag or someting simular. And no it will not make the machine go haywire.

If your coil is not waterproof try not to get it to wet but i think you will be fine.

I play in the snow all the time :headphones:

Good luck....find a big ol diamond..


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Thanks for the suggestions, Nick! I was going to do it but it's still snowing out there. Only a couple inches of accumulation, but the snow is going sideways right now, so the windchill factor is 16 degrees F (according to our local TV station's website). That's a little too cold for me, so I'm hoping tomorrow morning will be a little warmer.



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