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AD: Seymchan Slices - Wholesale Lots

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I have 2 lots of freshly cut Seymchan Slices.

My cutting process leaves a very smooth surface and very little sanding and polishing is required to etch these slices.

This is the last of the Seymchan that I have.

If you're interested in either or both lots send an email off list to bobadebt at ec.rr.com



LOT 1 - 8 Slices / Total Weight 141 Grams / $70

I was testing the limits of my cutting process by trying to see how thin I could cut a slice so slice thickness of this lot varies from 1mm to 4mm

They are all about the same size which is approximately 45mm x 35mm



LOT 2 - 12 Slices & 1 End Cut / Total Weight 538 Grams / $250

This lot was cut to a consistent thickness of approximately 4mm, a few slices vary due to blade changes but overall they are very close. The last cut is thicker and has a slight taper.


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