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Etching an Iron Meteorite (How to)

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Hi all,

I posted a youtube video on etching a few months ago. Since then I've received so many emails regarding etching. Many of you want to know all of the specifics that I left out of the video.

I received my Meteorite Mag. today and was surprised to see that my article on etching is included.

If you subscribe to meteorite magazine and want to know all about etching, you're all set.

For everyone that would like to know the "In's and outs" on etching that has not subscribed, now is a good time to do so as it is pretty in depth..

In fact it is the written version of the video - with all the details.


Ruben Garcia

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Very Nice Ruben, I do hope you make itto the December Franconia Outing,

I would like to meet you and listen to what you have to tell us beginers :icon_mrgreen:

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