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Charity Raffle...OK we are ready to roll

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To all that participated;

A big thanks again for all the support and dedication to the Military services, past, present, and future. So many have given the ultimate sacrifice, so that we the few, can enjoy what they worked so hard for. With that being said, a big thanks to Bill Southern for hosting the raffle and all those who help putting it all together. A Salute of service, pride and honor to be part of the forum, the hobby, and the military! Thanks again!!!

MSgt Jason Snyder :;):

'88-'08 USAF

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I thought from my post last night that would let all know who won......... I am the lucky one. I want to thank Jason, Bill, and all the contributors for a great contest that will help some of our soldiers and their families in times of need. The Fisher House Foundation will be glad. I will proudly display this flag in my home and outside on my flagpole on appropriate holidays. It will be hard to pass this along next year........ I am alos going to build a nice display case for the flag and Letter

When I did a drawing to see who would win if I was drawing, Garimpo won.

Sgt. Steve Wandt

5th Special Forces ABN

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WHEW........I glad mine wasn't "posthumoris"......

congratulations Steve......it continues to have a deserving home.....

since I can't be there to shake your hand just me say "thank you" for your service to the USA ...

and being a part of the reason we all call "freedom"........

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the ticket had GARIMPO writen on it.

I was there to witness the drawing, and read the ticket # to Bill as he was typing into the computer to post it. He did stick the winning ticket with the flag, so I know he can double check the #. But the name was Garimpo.

Sorry Steve!


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Darn, guess I read the numbers wrong............I'll bet it was the same ticket I drew in my pre pre drawing. Congrats Don! You need a good old American Flag in Brazil!

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Hey Don,

You will be wanting this sent to OK correct? Let me know the details and congrats on a one of a kind special item!

Cheers, Bill

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G'Day All

Nice one Bill :laught16::laught16: that's one I owe you!

El Dorado (Steve), I really wanted to win it so I could tell you to keep it for Memorial Day, but now back to the dilemma ... we have previously discussed having Don run the next raffle. But none of us want to send checks to Brazil :Huh_anim]:

But anyway, Congratulations Don!!! and a big THANKS to Bill and Mikayla and Steve and everyone else that was behind the scenes that we did not know about. And also to Jason for making this happen.



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HOT darn.....boy what a surprise......thanks to a bunch of good people that made this happen....

many years ago Brazil ALMOST got into a war with one of it's neighbors down here.....don't remember

which one...maybe Argentina....troops from both sides were facing each other at the border....planes

flying overhead.....tanks were facing off......and then some terd......

turned on the Samba music and everybody started dancing and then the beer started flowing....they

say the party lasted for over a week....then everybody went home hung over and that ended the

big war.....(maybe not such a bad idea).....

I know for a fact their military has a great band....they can sling and twirl rifles higher and fast than

anybody.....and their helmets sure are pretty with all the bright colored feathers attached.....but

bring and American flag down here that's been in a combat zone with real warriors...my American

heros....NO FRIGGIN WAY.....

My idea from the get go was if I was the lucky one to win is to have the flag stay in Bill Southerns

store where it started from ( in the states) for all to see when they visit beautiful Arizona.....and

Steve ole buddy I can't think of a better way to honor our brave troops than for you to fly the flag (s)

on special holidays of your choosing.....

Another idea of mine...don't know if it's possible but maybe since this is a gold forum and we're all

into that in one way or another is.....maybe the GPAA would "donate" a table and space at their gold

shows so this flag can be displayed and someone work the table for donations to be sent to this same

organization that the money went to this time..... :feedback: ....

Jason this former E6 says thank you for making all this possible in the first place...hope to shake

your hand one day....

A special thanks to all that donated to this worthy cause....especially folks like "our own" crazy

Aussie Johnno......

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