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Franconia outing results

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I dont know about anyone else BUT I thought for sure the skunk was now taking residence in Franconia! :tisc-tisc:

Did not find my "third piece" BUT I have one weighing 47.6 grams that was very close to the area and it is a good candidate as a piece coming from the 2 piece specimen I found out there. Del and I agree that the 3rd piece is non-existent and it is probably broken into a bunch of pieces. OH WELL!! Gives me more to find. :innocent0009:

First day results were dreary: 47.6 gram piece

8.7 gram piece

1.0 gram piece

All from the same area.

Sunday results were just as sad. chrondites: 6.4 gram

3.0 gram

irons: .9 gram

2.2 gram

Used the Goldmax Sierra coil and ALMOST ended up putting a couple of 9mm holes into it. :grrr01: BUT, Del stopped me. The learning curve on that coil is STEEP and it can be a little frustrating. I have just got to learn to trust my GMT and not worry about ALL them signals I get from the hot rocks. Think I may have found one or two settings that will work out at Franconia. Will give it another "shot", sorry for the pun, next month.

Del, Erik and Ben found a couple of very nice specimens during there trek and they should be posting them soon. Weather was beautiful BUT it sure is a short day now that winter is setting in.

Aloha for now,

Stan aka Kaimi

PS: Will post my pics once I get my puter back from Best Buy. That should take a short lifetime! :innocent0009:

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Stan, you will need to change your shorts when we post our finds

[Erik] :ROFL:

Uh oh, it sounds like you guys found something BIG. Can't wait to see your pics Erik!

I'll post mine soon, just have to take a couple more pics and touch them up a little bit.


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Alright guys, here's my take for the weekend-

12 Chondrites- 0.16g, 0.44g, 0.79g, 1.3g, 2.7g, 3.2g, 3.4g, 4.8g, 5.5g, 8.4g, 12.2g, and 33.3g totaling 76.19 grams.

20 Irons totaling 5.1 grams.

Total is 28 finds at 81.29 grams for the weekend.

Ben and Erik- Thanks again guys! As always I had a blast. Thanks for the coffee and food again. I hope you guys found a big fat honker! I'm looking forward to seeing those pics.

Stan- Again another good time! I hope what you found is the "third piece" and you figure out how to get it in there.

I'll see you guys again at the Franconia outing in a few weeks!









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We did good all weekend long, tried some new spots, some good some bad.

My dad ended up with a 20.5g stone, a 4.1g stone, a 2.4 gram iron and some assorted


I had a 14.3g and a 9.5g stone on saturday

sunday i was skunked all day till the sun was setting on the spot we

decided to try.

30 seconds into turning on my machine i got a loud sound under a bush,

had the chime of a 50 cal.

i dug that up and that was a 185.7g stone!

hell yeah!

30 min later and 30 feet away i found one on the surface.

it was huge!

it weighed out at 630g at the post office!

i ran over and got my dad and he crapped himself the same as i did.





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wow del, that last pic you have with that big one sticking out of the dirt is a really nice pic!

reminds me of the first pics of franconia's insitu i used to see.

ps. that big one is sitting on my lap haha


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wow del, that last pic you have with that big one sticking out of the dirt is a really nice pic!

reminds me of the first pics of franconia's insitu i used to see.

ps. that big one is sitting on my lap haha


See how modest this kid is! He calls my little 33 grammer a "big one". Erik you got "the big ones" this weekend kid! It's about time one of you two got a honker.

I can only imagine what your dad was thinking.... darn kid... darn kid... Oh well just remember he still has one up on you because you still haven't broke your Gold Basin Cherry. :laught16:


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I am soooooooo jealous!!!!! I was at Franconia on Saturday but had no idea what I was doing. I wasn't planning on being there, but as I was driving north from Phoenix to Flagstaff very early in the morning, I thought... what the heck! I've never been in that area, so I decided to drive over there. I found the turnoff (I didn't realize how close it was to Calif.) and drove south-southeast for a little ways. Got the metal detector out and played around. Found nothing (as far as I know). Drove north over the highway to the railroad tracks. Found nothing but nails, rust, etc in the sandy dirt. Drove south a little (before the highway) where there were tons of motorcyclists. Found nothing. Drove south over the highway again and turned west on the frontage road. Poked around there and found lots of rusted nuts and bolts. No meteorites.

Where are all of you finding these awesome specimens? I'm just wondering if I was anywhere near the "hotspots" or nowhere close. Are all of them (even the chondrites) attracted to a magnet? Slightly magnetic or strongly magnetic?

I also went to Holbrook and found lots of material, but I'm not sure if any of it is what we are looking for. Are there any good photos (with detail) on the web of Holbrook meteorites?

Congrats, guys!


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:whoopie: About time you scored a big one, much less 2 of them. I was up in the Hualapais hunting gold about that time of day, about 35 miles from you, could hear a bunch of screaming and hollering going on, had me wondering until now. :;): Good for you, you earned them.


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Finally got the chance to turn on my puter.

BOOYAH!! :woohoo:

That look on your face tells it all. :ROFL: Congratulations and I guess us old guys are just going to have to work harder now. :hmmmmmm:

Two weeks and counting: GAME ON! :ph34r2: :icon_mrgreen:

Aloha, Stan aka Kaimi

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