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Gold Basin Turkey Trot weather

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Make sure y'all bring some firewood and your thermals for them COLD :WOW: nights ahead.

Just double-checked the weather and saturday should be have a high of 60 and low of 37 :WOW: and Sunday should have a high of 59 with a low of 39. Saturday should be nice and clear so the sun may help us keep a little warm during the day hunts BUT sunday has a predicted 40% cloud cover.

Dont know about you guys, BUT this transplanted Hawaiian will be wearing thermals ALL the time and may even doubleup at nites.

Pray for NO wind this time around! :bowdown:

Aloha till this weekend,

Stan aka Kaimi

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I got to work on Sat, but will you still be down there on sun ? WE WENT DOWN THERE FOR A FEW HOURS LAST SUN , but didn't find anything. I might be looking in the wrong area . Still had a good day out there,but the drive back over the dam was bad.

Rick & Connie

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Erik: You always surprise me with your replies. :rofl2: Nice one buddy! :whoopie: Now lets see if it works. :innocent0009:

Rick & Connie: Dont despair as that whole area has been hammered by everyone for years and unlike Franconia anything you may find is probably buried. Finding anything out there is like getting a gift from the Heavens. :innocent0002:

Franconia is still my favorite spot to hunt because I know I am going to come home with a nice little stash of space rocks and or irons.

Aloha for now, Stan aka Kaimi

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Thinking bout going up to gb this weekend hope to hook up with you guys can someone give the coordinates to the camp site i seem to have misplaced them from the last outing Thanx, Paul

Hope you got my PM. See yah later. Be careful out there on the highways this weekend.

Aloha, Stan aka Kaimi

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