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Newbi Meteorite Hunter (new to the forum)

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I'm posting this for a friend that can't post for some reason.

I am a

newbie and would like to post a message or two on the forum but Bill


given me access to post messages yet. Hopefully he will do that soon,


I'm sure he is busy with life and hunting. :-)

I've been reading a lot of the messages in the Meteorites section on


forum and saw all of the videos on YouTube and I think it's great! I


become very interested in what you guys do.

I am planning on driving from Denver to Phoenix for Thanksgiving (I was


in Phoenix and my parents still live there) and I was wondering about

collecting meteorites on the way down and the way back. I will be


down on Tuesday afternoon/evening and all day Wednesday, so I was

hoping to

do a little hunting on Wednesday. I'll probably stay in a motel in


NM or Holbrook, AZ on Tuesday night. That would give me several hours


hunt on Wednesday morning and early afternoon before I drive to

Phoenix. I

have never hunted for meteorites, but I have done a lot of digging for

mineral specimens, so I know it's a "hit and miss" hobby.

I found directions to the Holbrook site on Rubens website, so

thought I

would try it. I will be there on Wednesday morning (and/or Saturday

afternoon when I drive back to Colorado). Will anyone else be there at



Will there be anyone hunting in the areas where I will be driving? I


to learn this from an expert so I don't waste my time. I just bought a

Whites XLT metal detector but don't know how to use it yet. I've


the video that came with the detector and will be practicing a little


Monday and Tuesday mornings. My route will be: South on I-25 from


to Albuquerque, then west on higway 40 to Flagstaff, and then south on


to Phoenix. My return trip will be along the same route.

Oh, and I've purchased 2 nice meteorites (my first 2!) in the past

month, so

I've already started my meteorite collection. I have a Campo del Cielo


g) and a Sikhote-Alin (113 g). And I just bought a Pelouze scale like


one in a picture on one of your web pages. I will be driving my green


Cherokee (with a spare tire on the roof), so I can go almost anywhere


hunt, given the time to do it.

I'm sorry about the length of this e-mail, but I'm so excited!

Thanks for reading!


Bob "Bobert" Loeffler

Superior, CO

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Welcome to the forum and hope your "issues with the forum" become resolved soon. Like to see a newbie get involved in this hobby. Plus you drive a Jeep! :woohoo: Another Jeepster joins the group. :whoopie:

Aloha and hope to see you out in the field one day,

Stan aka Kaimi :ph34r2:

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Yippeee! I'm in! Thanks Bill!

Ruben, thanks for posting my e-mail. I appreciate it!

Kaimi, thanks for the welcome. I'll try to read the forum often to see what all of you are up to. If I find anything... <knocking on wood>... I'll post pictures.

Are there any Colorado meteorite hunters out there? If so, let me know.

Thanks and regards,


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Welcome Bob!! this is THE forum to get all of your meteorite hunting needs!!! :ROFL: I got your email and yes we will have to get together and hunt!! I may try Correo again this weekend for a few, but I'm not sure...email me your number and I'll give you a buzz!!


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there isn't any point in using th detector at holbrook.

they dont have enough metal in them to sound off good.

magnet on a golfclub works great


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Thanks for the welcome, everyone.

Wayne, thanks for sending the DVD. I got it!

Kelly, I sent you my cell phone number. Talk to you soon.

Erik, thanks for the info about Holbrook. I have a golf club that will be perfect for this. :-)

I'll be offline for the next few days, so everyone have a great Thanksgiving!



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