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FS: Canyon Diablo Graphite Nodule Slices & End Cuts

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I just finished processing a Canyon Diablo Graphite Nodule into some slices & end cuts

Here is a image of the available pieces fresh off the saw.


I am asking $2.50 per gram

I still have to sand and polish these pieces but I want to do that as they sell and the final price will be dependent on the finished weight

If you would like to buy a piece please contact me at bobadebt@ec.rr.com


PS: Yes, I still have a piece that I have set aside to make a 50mm sphere :)

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Boba, very interesting veining. From the pics, it doesn't look that stable, how is it working with it? Do you find it to crumble while working with it? I have a two small pieces of CD and must admit that are pretty neat looking. Jason :;):

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It's actually quite stable.

I was sanding the slices on my bench top belt sander and I caught the tip of my pinky which caused me to dropped a slice from a height of about 40 inches

It hit the ground and made a "tink, tink tink" sound but it didn't even chip.

I was really impressed.

I also tried to pull the above pictured end cut apart and it wouldn't budge.

This material is kind of odd to polish.

I sanded one slice up to 600 grit but it stopped looking good after 220. The 400 and 600 made it look dull, which was really odd.

The neat thing about sanding this material is the graphite lubricates the sanding belt which keeps it cool and slick.

I also applied a coat of mineral oil to one of the end cuts. It didn't do anything to the graphite but I'm sure it would protect the Iron.

I'm so excited about making a sphere from this material.

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G'Day Forum Members

Just like you all to know I put together a great collection of meteorites with the help of David (aka Bobadebt). He is a great guy to deal with, his specimens are of top quality and his transactions and delivery were outstandingly fast.

If you are in the market for some great quality meteorite, David is your man. :yourock:



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