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Its been a while since ive posted I Bill's forums. Basicly I was the one with the car that looked like a porcupine:) at the last gathering in oct 20-21. Imedeatly following that gathering I was involved in a archeological project for the forrestry service.The wholw week people were talking about the ability of the GPX 4k.

A couple of the people helping were intersted in hunting meteorites. I passed on bills card and told them to stop by this forum would interest them!

By the way I live in Bakersfield Cali so if anyone is inteerested in in a hunting partner that comes equiped let me know! I love meteorites NUGGETS of course :)Plus I have a large library of info on the nevada, Arizona and Cali history.

To those of you I met at the nugget hunt I look forward to hunting with you in the future. Cant wait to hit the rail sites.

Goota go Sorry for the speelling :)


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Spelling shmelling! All that counts in this forum is that you have information and am willing to share it amongst the group. That is what this hobby is all about. Dont think I met up with you because I was a little busy :icon_mrgreen: going after them little GB fragments still laying around.

Hope to meet you one day and if possible we are having an informal outing at Franconia on 12/14-16/07 and you are more than welcome to stop on by and see what you can find out there. Just look for my blue jeep wrangler if you ever get to the outing.

Aloha to the forum,

Stan aka Kaimi

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