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Advice on Goldbug original

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Anyone got any tips on settings for a GoldBug original, looks like i might be getting one soon , it has 3 coils with it so I will have a choice to hunt with.

Any tip would be great :poke: Eric are ya reading this :poke:

Thanks :laught16:

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Thanks Fred, I have read the manual about 4 times already and

don't even have the machine yet . :laught16:

I have my .45 sold pending funds and plan on buying this Goldbug as soon as I got the money.

I got to have something I can hunt with until I get me another GMT....But I will take the time to learn

this machine and I know about ground balance now...had one before and had no clue how to run it.'

:icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen: I will find some thing....I can always find bullets.

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Rick, the original GB will certainly find any gold worth finding and because of the lower frequency will go a bit deeper than the GB2....my recollection is that it has three modes...one I had no use for at all...basically, I only used the main motion-mode. I don't know how difficult it would be to use meteorite hunting at Franconia but it would get those tiny irons no problem.


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- turn the sense and the volume all the way up

- turn the threshold all the way up,

- then swith to manual,

- then bounce the machine up and down

between 1cm to 4in above the ground,

- then turn the knob that circles the ground reject knob

till the buzzing tone stays constant. (not constant would sound like the tone goes up and down)

-then turn the threshold slowly down till you can barely hear a crackle.


*WARNING* -User might dig bird shot at 1 foot deep

with standard coil...... 8D


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Thanks Eric, that is the kind of info I wanted for Franconia. I knew you had used a GB out there.

I will also try it at Gold Basin thanksgiving weekend as I think there is going to be a mini outing there.


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Small world sometimes rick just happened to cruise through here and notice

this post, sorry for not posting more over here maybe I can get a few in.

Man this is a fancy board too. Here's a link to a few detectors I have for

sale will post some pics if I can figure it out.Maybe fred will remember

one of them :hmmmmmm: . Almost forgot there's a infinium in there

too sorry (grin).

Thanks Rob.


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Rob welcome to the forums, there are some of the most informative folks on this forum and most of the time they are willing to shar info and knowledge......

If you ever get a chance to attend one of the fall outings they are GREAT.

The outing in Dec that is going to be at Franconia is gonna be fantastic too, always

Good Friends, warm fire and the info flows.......no telling who might show at these outings.

The outings are open to anyone and ther is never a charge.

:icon_mrgreen: Armed with the info I have and the Gold bug from you I hope to get some good

beeping come Dec.

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Hi rick thanks for the welcome, this is a great site and wish I was closer

to AZ to check out your outings.Been trying to figure meteorites out

rumors are there are some in my area. I'm a pocket miner and have

a claim in Liberty WA. which is famous for its wiregold so been through

a lot of detectors trying to find the right one.What I like about the

goldbugs is they are light easy to hipmount and easy to use.

Thanks Rob.

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