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My first Gold Nugget / boulder !

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Hi All,

I thought gold hunting was going to be tough! I was out checking a new area to hunt when I saw this old van in the middle of the desert. I decided to check it out the next day on the way home. The following day the van was gone and it looked like it would be faster to reach the highway in that direction. While traveling down the dirt road there were these wild looking rock piles placed in the middle of the road and off to the side almost like someone was trying to have you drive your vehicle in a certain direction. I just drove over the rocks I was in a Ford .I would have had to drive around the rocks if I was driving a Dodge Hemi! :laught16: I went about 20 feet when I heard two different sounds like fire crackers going off. At that point I decided to see what I had ran over. Some one had placed 22 shell in the road and all around the area and I was still about 1/2 mile from the location where the van was. I decided to walk the road to look for more traps or things in the road. At the location of the van is where I found my first Gold Boulder and I thougt gold hunting was going to be tough! They were everywhere must have been 10 gold rocks all over. I'm Rich! After a close inspection I Found the gold paint cans and more 22 shells. On the road just past the location of the van I found more 22 shells in the road and rock piles. I moved the shells out of the road to make it safe just in case someone else drove down the road. My best guess was this guy was out there sniffing paint. I am just glad he was already gone by the time I drove through the area. I contacted BLM to let them know about the location and situation. You just never know what you might find in the desert!



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Hi All

Sonny I give classes on truck jumping on my days off :innocent0002: !! We use the fords, chevys and jeeps kinda like crash dummies :sick0010: !! The hemi's fly real far and always land tires down :woohoo: !! Where fords ,chevys and jeeps always land tires and tits up :shrug: !!! Gold paint is good huffin but my preferance is glow in the dark green :hmmmmmm: !! Then I can always see where I'm going in the dark :outtahere: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Yep, gold paint if the preferred paint for huffing. Kinda glad you didn't catch up to them cause you never know what kind of condition they might be in at the time.

BTW, any hints as to the location that you were in so I can avoid this spot. Mr. Glock is kind of sensitive to people trying to cause trouble out in the middle of nowhere so I have to remind him to behave at times.

Aloha and thanks for the warning,

Stan aka Kaimi

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:laught16: :icon_mrgreen: Those weren't rocks Sonny, they were just parts off a gold colored Hemi. I have to avoid them every time I am following JB. The best part is Hemi's are made of recycled Coors cans and won't hurt your tires. There's a plus for your Hemi JohnBoy! :laught16::ROFL:
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