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More new space rocks

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Hi All

I don't know if I can post pix but :Huh_anim]: . Here's a story. Back in 1998 or 1999 after the announcement I was at gold basin with a bunch of freinds huntin space rocks :icon_mrgreen: . A younger fellow came up to me that had read a newspaper article about the meteorites bieng found at Gold Basin. Someone there told him I knew something about the meteorites there :nutty: . We talked for a few minutes and I looked at a pouch full o leaverites this fellow had found with his coin detector :hmmmmmm: . One was about a 75 or 80 gram gold basin L4 and I congradulated him on his find :whoopie: . He also brought out some king size leaverites he was haulin around in his truck :newb: . Well at that spot there is still what looks like a screen pile of rocks that actually were this fellows leaverites :laught16: . This guys, name is Sonny Clarey who is now the best and most prolific space rock hunter of the desert southwest :bowdown: :bowdown: . I spent a couple days hunting with Sonny around his home town of Las Vegas where he has many secret strewnfields he's discovered and is working :shrug: . He has a lovely wife Georgia a nice family a beautiful home loaded with all kinds of his own space rock finds. Including a very rare R chondrite ( I'm soooo jealous I could just puke) :sick0021: !! Well I managed to find 7 small fragments from one of his strewnfields for my collection which he thinks are LL chondrites :icon1: . Since our original meeting we've become good friends and I'm afraid he's actually thinking about hunting for gold now :smack: . Sooo I would expect the gold market to plumet if he takes on that task :boorb: . Well Sonny thanks so much for the hospitality and the hunt :wubu: . Heres a pix I hope ?? Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi John and all,

It was alot of fun. John kicked ass both days. :icon_mrgreen: I could have found more than John but my wife said I should be nice and leave some meteorites for John to find. :innocent0009: ok, I may have made up part of the story!


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John, Sonny is very good! However, I went to his house once and his entire collection consisted on rocks painted gold.....

Just Kidding Sonny!!

Some of us "Like me" "broadcast" pretty much everything we do to the world so it looks like we find a lot. But Sonny is very quietly ridding Nevada of all those pesky meteorites.

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