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New Glorieta Mountain main mass

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Here is a somewhat recent find made by one of the more successful Franconia meteorite hunters.

I would be smiling 2............. What a find...... Congratulations Mike......



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WOOOOOOW, what a find, ya think there are big ones like that in Frankonia???? Glorita!! Thats a little jaunt from the Kingman area but might be well worth it to go for a couple of days.

Jim, has there been any word or more info of the find in the Bouse area we stayed there last year but didn't do any detecting.

Hope to see you later in the new year, going to have to hole up here in MT for a few extra weeks due to torn rotator cuff surgery comming on Nov. 20th, hopefully by the end of 1st week in Jan I can hook up and take off for winter spot.

Allen in MT


5 pieces put together from GB


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Now that would make an awesome display at a museum somewhere. It should be shown at the next Gold Show to get more people motivated to search for meteorites.

Does anyone know what kind of detector was used and how long he searched the area. Sure doesn't look to be too deep for that size either. What a find! :woohoo:

Mike, you da man! :bowdown:

Mahalo for sharing this find.

Aloha, Stan aka Kaimi

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Nada, I do-nada think that there is anything much bigger than camel dung left at Franconia.

Have not heard of anything significant being found at Boise,I do not think that any of the lunch bucket hunters are working that find, or news would have leaked out by now.

Hope all goes well with your surgery and will look forward to seeing you in the field next year.


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