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Beautiful Franconia specimen

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Go ahead Jim, just make a feller good and sick, now I want to go look and see if I can find one like it.

Wow, Thanks for sharing, that is nice.

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Here is one of my favorite finds i found a

long time ago with my old Minelabs Explorer II.

I think it's as pretty as that one.

I just wish it was that big!


thanks for sharing Jim.

I really enjoy seeing pics of

Franconia's Insitu that i havn't seen before :)


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WOOF! :whoopie:

I just cant even begin to describe what I would do if I found something even close to that one. BUT, I bet everyone back to the railroad tracks and beyond would wonder "What in the world is that yelling"? :woohoo:

Guess I will just have to work on that "third piece" to satisfy me this year. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone once again this year at the Franconia outing in December if it becomes a reality.

Mahalo for sharing Jim because now I "really" plan on going all out to places I have been wanting to search for a looooooong time.

Aloha y'all,

Stan aka Kaimi

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