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Franconia outing in December?

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I had heard a lot of rumours and talk about an outing at Franconia this December but no actual dates yet. Does anyone know more or is it in the planning stages? A lot of questions so someone out there please help out with some answers. For anyone who has not been there I have all the coords and directions needed to get you to a campsite used by us in the past for a mini outing. I will post them when I get more info on a planned outing.

Aloha and waiting with anticipation,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Aloha Stan, Yep I asked Bill and he said there was going to be a Franconia hunt in Decenber...no dates set but if ya got a suggestion I would let Bill know about it.....

last years outing is where I found my first so you are already past that stage.

I would suggest the weekend of the 14th,15th and 16th.

I am already planning on making this outing...gonna be ready for the weather and the great times as is with all of Bill's outings......Space Rocks, good conversation,education and GREAT FRIENDS....

What more could ya ask for..............

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I'll be coming too! I'm already itchin to head out there, so I'm sure I make it out before then.

Hey Rick, seeing your drywasher made me want to drywash a little bit, so right now I'm in drywashing mode. Check out the pics I posted in the Gold Prospecting forum. I think you'll like them.


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Yea ill be there with my new coll the sienr 14' one.... this time i should be as much as a pest i learnt lots from last tiem and been readdign more.... but would love to get soem date on it so i can request off work :P

P.s if someome live in the phine or tuscon artea that whants to go up befor thim i would lovet ocar pool with someone i got my pos now so cant go dirt to well lol ;P

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