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1 inch Scale Cubes Now Available

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I have finally finished the one inch scale cubes. There are a limited number

of two types available; a "Standard Version" and a "Precision Version".

The 1 inch standard version cubes are 6061 T6 aluminum, the letters are cold

formed into the cubes, and are Type II, Class 2 anodized black per the

military specification: MIL-A-8625F. The letters are filled with baked

enamel. These cubes are high quality and perfect for visual standards.

The Certified Version scale cubes are the same as the standard version,

except that they come with a material certification from Alcoa (Aluminum

Mill) and dimensional certification form the metrology laboratory and can be

used for calibration. The dimensional certification includes measurements

using a Pratt & Whitney Supper Mic., and a J&L optical comparator. (A

picture of a cube on these instruments is in the paperwork provided.)

Also, there are a number of 1 cm Standard scale cubes left.

Pricing and availability:

Standard 1" cubes - $58.50 USD + $6.50 S&H - 12 available

Precision 1" cubes - $82.50 USD + $6.50 S&H - Only 4 available

Standard 1cm cubes - $25.00 USD + $6.50 S&H ~18 left

All cubes come in a protective plastic container and a paper on ways to get

the most out of a cube. Certified cubes also come with serialized

certification papers.

Email me at monel@sprynet.com for more info or more pictures if you wish.

I accept PayPal, checks and money orders.


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Allen I had to ask too,







The cube usualy is "1cm cube" and is used in photos to show scale

Hope that clears it up for ya

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Here are a few “lines” from the paper that I include with each cube. It should clear it up for you.

The primary use of the scale cube is to visually represent the actual size of the object to the observer. This is extremely helpful to eliminate confusion, especially in auctions. The buyer may, for some reason, think that the object they are bidding on is larger than it is.

The letters represent Top, Bottom, North, South, East and West. These are used to orientate the viewer to the side of the object being photographed. As you rotate the object, just rotate the cube with it. If you turn the object over, turn the cube over as well but be sure to maintain the coordinates. There are marks next to one or more letters on all the cubes. This is for Top/Bottom orientation. This is to help the viewer in orientating which side of the cube is the bottom when looking at letters that have the same appearance when viewed upside down.

Also, just for fun, I have attached a picture of one of the 1" precsion cubes on the Pratt & Whitney Supper Mic durring certification.



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