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Noob to not so noob in 2 days

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Ok let me frist start out to thank everyone this week end..jhon roger .....ok i can name names all day long but you all know who you are;p well with out your all's help i poble be a noobie still l;p ok well i am but ya know...

So i i ade it up there on friday morring eagger to get out and hunt. I set up my camp and headded off to meet peeps I thank i met rogger frist talked about huntting and stuff for a bit..after a liyttle wile he gave me a rock to use for testing well i wint out to finde my rocks... well gess what i sit the rock down to test and yea you gessed it i left it there so far im am not doing to well i aculay -1 in the hole .. but i make it back to camp tell my horror story and roger help me out agen hucked me up with a nuthere one this time i got smart about it i put it in a pill box..... Next day after bugging jhon and every one to death with my 1278919782719827981729819782978 questions i set out in search of thim rocks,,,,,,,, I tesed the test rock zip nice sound so i traned my ears for that sounds for the day and gess what i edded up with not just one buy 3 rocks ..and one is a .4 gamer not a eassy one to here if you know what i meen ok thats my sorry if you guy what to add to this storry be my gest .;p

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wow nate, you are a lucky guy, i remember my dad and i hunted franconia for 2 seasons

without knowing where the strewn field was! we where like 2 miles in the wrong

direction :/

Nice Finds!


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