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Gold Basin Outing

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Just got back to Cali from the Gold Basin outing and I had a total blast! :cool04:

Bill it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and I want to thank you for putting on an outing like that for everyone to enjoy! I had an absolute blast and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Jim Smaller- As always the conversations with you are great, Thanks for sharing some knowledge and that gorgeous little sampling drywasher with me. Just let me know when you want to document that little drywasher into some blueprints, I'll be happy to help.

Stan- Congrats on your first GB Chondrite buddy! :whoopie: As always I had a blast hunting with you. Now get the hell out to GB and start hunting those Chondrites since your cherry has been broken!

Ben- You too, congrats on your first GB Chondrite! It was to bad Erik couldn't make it out because I really wanted to see what the kid could find. Now you got one up on him! :laught16:

Fred Mason- I had fun hunting Franconia with you. The camp out with you and Grumpy on Thursday night was great. Thanks for the chicken, beer, coffee, and conversation! :icon1:

Four days of nothing but meteorite hunting and here's my finds:

Franconia Hunt (6 hours)-

7 Chondrites- 7.8g, 4.7g, 3.2g, 3.1g, 2.8g, 0.4g, and 0.3g with a total weight of 22.3 grams

11 Irons- 1.9 grams

18 finds with a total weight of 24.5 grams.

My first ever Gold Basin hunt (3 days)-

4 Chondrites- 22.6g, 11.1g, 6.8g, and 0.4g with a total weight 40.9 grams.

22 finds totaling 65.4 grams

Again, thanks everybody this had to be the funnest outing I ever had the pleasure to attend!




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Stans finds, I'm glad you finally broke your GB Chondrite cherry! :yourock:

Had a great time and the weights are as follows on my finds:

Day 1: 4.2 grams, 1.2 grams and later that afternoon I snagged a 19.7 grammer

Day 2: zip,nada, that goldmax sierra coil gave me a big :grrr01: ! Gonna have to learn that one all over again.

Day 3: After I put away the Goldmax coil I snagged a 11.3 gram rock about 5 inches down using my stock DD coil in about ten minutes. HMMMM, should I still bother with the big coil or not. That is the question I am now pondering.

Oh well, I had a great time meeting new as well as old friends. Did I hear rumours about a Franconia Outing next month? :woohoo: With luck we will not get the winds that we had at Gold Basin. My dome tent poles were destroyed BUT I got rocked to sleep in my Jeep that night.

Aloha fow now,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Hey Del,


It will feel nice to ride a pro deck instead of a blank again :D

Wow you guys all did so good!

homecoming was hella fun

it was worth missing the outing to dance

with the pom line lol.

Maybe next outing [-.-]


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Hey Nate, do you want to tell us your weights? That small one is really impressive for a newbie.

yea here the numbers the big guy is 14.7 the middle guy is 9.5 and the smoll guy is .4

buy the way dose anyone have a extra nob for a gm3 i can get lost mine soem how for the vsat '/

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I had a great time at the outing. It was my first time hunting Gold Basin. There was so much to do, so many people to talk with, and so much going on, that I wish I had been able to stay for a week instead of a weekend. First, I was able to find an old penny with N2 scratched into it at the hunt on John B's land. ( not sure what that means) Also on Saturday I found my first GB meteorite, weighing 28.35 grams. Then on Sunday, I found a one third gram piece of gold, four little irons at 0.6 grams, and another chondrite weighing 13.4 grams. At about 7:30 Saturday night as we were finishing dinner, a gale-force wind came out of the north and blew everything down or away. The constant 50-60 MPH wind took out every tent in camp and had the trucks and trailers rocking all night. (by the way Bill, did you ever find your sleeping bag?) Sadly, the weather prevented much after-dinner socializing by the campfire. ( I can't believe I brought beer back home!) So what's a little wind and dust, I got to meet more folks from the Forum and had an awesome time. Special thanks to Bill for the outing. Thanks to the GPAA for letting us camp on their claims, and to John for letting us coin hunt on his land. Thanks to John and Roger for a peek at some real beauties ( okay, how about $1.25 a gram?), and to Jim for getting us all squared away on what's where. Thanks to Del and Stan for the motivation and nonsense in general. Thanks to everybody who came and contributed to the outing. I can't wait to do it again!





some folks was real prepared!


my finds

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Del, I had a grand time at Franconia, thanks for letting me tag along...the first Franconia was about 12 grams, the second and best was almost 50 grams...much heavier than I thought, the two little irons were fun but I didn't weigh them. The Gold Basin I found was about 50 grams ...I was happy for it also. I just wish all the low-land nuggets would come out when I am there swinging my coil!?! Maybe if I would hunt more and BS less I would get a nice GBN.

Dinner with you and waiting for Captgrumpy was fun...Meeting You,Stan, Ben and newbie-Nate was a kick. I hope we can get together again.

I will post pic's tomorrow if I remember the camera....


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Del,I had a great time and I wanted to thank you for the use of your Eureaka gold machine as it gave me a chance to hunt some, I got to find a few (2) coins and some hot rocks....

I am looking forward to the Franconia outing in Dec. . I am making plans for it already.

Again Thanks for the use of the machine... :laught16: wanna trade for that .45 I got .... :laught16:

Thanks to all for another GREAT OUTING

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Fred those are really nice finds. That Franconia you found I was expecting to be in the 20-30 gram range... but 50 grams is even better! Nice Gold Basin find too! Give me a hollar if you ever want to go out on a hunt, I had a blast hunting with you. How's everything down there in your area, do you have any fires near by you?

Rick- If I could I probably would think about a trade. The problem is I have a couple traffic tickets to clean up before I make my first firearm purchase and out here in California you have to be squeaky clean before you can purchase any firearm. Until then, I can't buy anything.


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Wow !! You all did really well! Nate, it's good to see that you found something. You really could'nt help it though, as you were being instructed by some of the best meteorite hunters around. Of course that's why I told you to join this forum when you emailed me a few months ago.

Congratulations to Everyone who walkd away with a piece of the cosmos!!!!

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Ben those pics turned out great I love that in-situ one, maybe it will motivate Stan to start using his Jimmy Sierra coil! :hmmmmmm:

Yeah! Yeah! :grrr01: Alright already!! :grrr01: :grrr01:

If Ben can get those kind of results, then I will be giving it my best shot the next time out. I think I may have to work on some settings for GB and Franconia but what the heck. Who knows, I may even come back with that "third piece". Did I mention my latest obesssion with that "thirdpiece"? :ROFL:

Aloha for now,

Stan aka Kaimi

BTW, I had the best time out at the BG outing. Mahalo to ALL the people I met and now we need to plan a Franconia Outing. :woohoo: :woohoo:

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Stan thats funny cause i found a piece that might just fit...

i lost it though, fell out of my packpack somewhere around

the buck mountians

:smilie_pinoc: [Erik]

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