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:innocent0009: YEAH glad to hear it? I guess im the only one on this thing? Anyways I made a long loop just west of the avenues got my very 1st 2 within 1 minute right by the fence. I didnt hit anything but the stray bullet every now and then way up north, when I figured i was done i got the other 3 hits right before i got back to the truck total of 3 irons and 2 small chondrites weighing in at w whopping 5.6 g !post-1063-1193251882_thumb.jpg talk to you all Later Billy

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WTG, Even though you may be a little down about the total weight of your finds, I think that the Iron on the lower right side of the picture was probably worth the whole hunt. Nice little Irons with that many impact pits are quite hard to come by and make a really nice addition to any collection.

Just goes to show that there is still some nice specimens to be found down low.

Enjoyed visiting with you at the GB outing and BTW, those were some nice finds that you came up with at GB. I will always wonder about that neat little iron that you found at GB, like John B. said, it just might be a fragment of the Mesosiderite that was found in the area.


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