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:ROFL: This outing was a blast I really liked it, Nice to meet lots of people too for the 1st time. Yea Billy and John im gunna be a pain for awhile, wont get rid of me thta easy. I got my biggest nugget to dat weighing in at 4.1 grams and 2 chondrites @ 9 grams at what we guessed was an iron! only weights 3 grains! I will post pics as soon as it lets me right now it failing
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Yea Nate, Glad to see you made it all the way home ok, The problem was in the wire the yellow speaker wire came loose from within and i had to re-sauter it. But all is good now!post-1063-1193033444_thumb.jpg the nuggies in the gold forum for all to c but, the nice thing about this is we believe the small little guy is a even more rare iron for the area!

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