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Can't wait to hear the results and the great stories & pics from the outing. :spinnin: As some of you get this on your return, the winds were gusting at over 70+ miles per hour at times. :yikes: I hope it wasn't too bad at the outing site or on your trip home. Had a great time with you guys, Del & Stan, on Friday morning. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Wayne :icon_mrgreen:

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Finally got the time to catch up on my backlog of emails and postings since I have today off. Man, it was great to run into Wayne at the gas pump friday morning while waiting for Del. Got to pick up some very valuable info and tips and also got me a sample throw down of a Gold Basin rock. Ha!! Looks like I wont be needing that one anymore since my first day out was a :woohoo: one for me with 3 pieces to start my Gold Basin collection. Del should be posting the pics as my laptop is still AWOL.

Them GB meteorites give off a sound like one I have tuned my ears to avoid out at Franconia. :grrr01: Looks like it's back to the fields once I retune my ears. And YES, I will be using the Goldmax Sierra flying saucer coil since everyone else has been telling me to go after them BIG/DEEP rocks. :icon_mrgreen: :headphones: :headphones:

Thanks again Wayne for the tips and hope to see you out in the fields at GB soon and if you ever spot my jeep in Dolan Springs give me a shout/wave and I will pull over.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Wayne, the weather was a bugger if I do say so myself :tisc-tisc: . I ended up arriving late on Sat, after 4pm'ish. After a quick social with most of the regulars, my son and I headed for an 1 hour hunt. We found a little Gold Basinite, weighing in at a whopping 1.9 grams :whoopie: . So, I guess not bad for an hours worth of work :innocent0009: . My son and I were looking forward to dinner and the social event, but the winds kicked up something fierce. So we chatted in John B's trailer talking about what we love best, Meteorites!!!! Roger was kind enough to let us stay in his trailer (Thanks Roger for that) and the winds rocked us all night. Once morning came, I checked the temp on the truck and it read a cooooooool 36 degrees :Huh_anim]: . But after the sun popped over the mountain, it warned up nicely. All in all, Sunday was fun. We found a nice Gold Basinite, weighing in at 22.5 grams and 10 pennies :whoopie: . My son had the opportunity to "grab" for the prizes and did quite well. Thanks to Bill, John, Roger and the whole host of others that made the event a blast as always :wubu: :wubu: ! Jason :;):

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Hi Jason

I was looking so much for the chance to meet you and all the others at the outing. Things beyond my control made it impossible to be there. Sounds like you and your son had a great time. It was a pleasure to hear about and see the presentation you bestowed upon the group and Bill Southern. Its fantastic that this forum has this much impact. You scored with the finds and your son was in the mix with some of the best in the field. Thanks to Rodger for the place to rock and roll over night. In case you did not know Rodger is one of the best fishing guides ever on the pro fishing circuit. Do not ever bet you can beat him at catching fish.

MH Wayne :icon_mrgreen:

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