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Cherry Pickin Rogers Patch :o)

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Hi All

Here's a pix of my cherry's I picked outa Rogers Patch :laught16::laught16: !! Poor Roger had to stay an extra week just too catch up :Huh_anim]: !! The one in the center is a beauty and will look real nice on display at the Flandrau :hmmmmmm: :whoopie: !! Sooo Roger when you buying a hemi ,they certainly know their way to the good stuff :bowdown: !! Heck I almost drove over and left tire prints on your beauty :tisc-tisc: !! Happy Huntin John B.



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Hi JB and all,

I guess you did ok, :icon_mrgreen: with 958.4 grams but..............Here's my picture of the 1063 grams I collected.post-68-1192197855_thumb.jpg

Here is another shot of the 375 grammer.


Just try to remember who found the FIRST SIX Stones.... :laught16: And as for me staying longer........ I didn't "miss my mommy"........... :laught16::ROFL: :rofl2: ..............and it was three days......And I will buy a Hemi when Pigs Fly.

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Howdy JB and Roger those are some nice space rocks. Were there any Iorns there like at Franconia. Roger that 375 gramer is kinda shiney or is that because JB drooled on it.

Harry :laught16::laught16:

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