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My Friend Jim Kreigh

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Hi All,

I, along with a few others that were close to Jim recieved the very sad news of His passing this morning. Jim's friend and hunting partner Twink Monred called us all at around 6:30 a.m. Arizona time.

Jim had been ill and had been in the hospital for a couple of days prior.

We're working on putting a collage of pictures together to honor our good friend. We'll let everyone know more as we know it.

Jim Kreigh, one of the best Meteorite Hunters the world has ever known, and an even better friend.

We'll miss you.....

Ruben Garcia

Phoenix, Arizona


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Hi Ruben and All

I have probably had Jim as a hunting partner the longest for both of us !! I was with Jim when he found his first gold nugget ,with him at Bob Haags house when he was told he had found a space rock and throught the years He , I and occassionally Twink mapped the Gold Basin Field. Jim and I made many interesting finds and discoveries and were inseperable for many years. He was a very patient, curios and persistent hunter !! His honesty , integrity , sence of humor and kindness were just some of his many fine qualities. Myself , my family and freinds will miss him dearly !! God speed Jimmy Farwell my very dear freind !! John B.

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Jim Kriegh was one of those special people that a fellow is lucky to meet in this world. I never got the pleasure of a hunt with Jim, but did have several long visits with him and Twink at the Tucson show, 2 different years. He will be remembered by many. If there is a meteorite strewnfield in heaven, I am sure that Jim is swinging his GM3 at this very moment.....


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