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How long do meteorites last in water

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Some time back I was detecting the lake bed after the water went down and got a real positive response and dug up a baseball size rock. Thinking it was another hot rock I pitched it. Then a few years later I got into hunting meteorites and got to thinking about the rock I dug in the lake.

The reason I remember this is because it was totally out of charactor for the area and a brown color and heavier than most. I know the general area I was in but would have to wait till spring when the water is low to look for it again.

but what I want to know is do meteorites last when under water.

enjoy and HAGD

Allen in MT

ps Here's a GB that takes 3 fingers and a thumb to hold all 5 pieces together.

woops I see the upload doesn't work

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Hi Allen,

My best guess (as an amature) is that water is a meteorites worst enemy. Exposure to moisture will most certainly degrade (or rust) the iron from them. I would guess prolonged exposure (submerged) stones would not last to long. :coffeetime:

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Actually, Roger, I think a fresh water lake would be a fairly stable place for most meteorites...once removed from the lake they would be soaked with water and attacked by the atmosphere and the freezing/thawing cycle of colder climes...just my opinion...

Will you be making biscuits at GB this year?


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