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NEEDED: Meteorites for sale

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Hi Everyone,

I am planning on attending the outing at the Gold Basin later this month and am hoping to acquire some Meteorite Material from both the Gold Basin and Franconia strewn fields.

I recently purchased two metal detectors, a White’s “GMT” and a Minelab “Eureka Gold”. I would like to try and get them somewhat dialed in for Meteorites before heading up to the outing, so I can just fine tune and ground balance them once there.

So if you have some affordable samples I could purchase, I would greatly appreciate it. And if you have any recommendations for the settings for either one of my detectors, I would appreciate hearing about that too.

Thank You,



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Hello Dave,

There will be plenty of guys there with meteorites to test and set up your machines with. I will bring a number of stones and you are welcome to use any you wish for setting up. :icon_mrgreen:

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