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Questions about Uruacu - Shiny Black Inclusions / Images / Etching

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I am processing some Uruacu and some of the pieces have huge shiny black inclusions that almost have a mirror like reflective surface.

Does anyone know what these are, you can see a lot of them in this 354 gram slice:



Does anyone have any tips on photographing this material. It doesn't have a lot of contrast but the etch looks 1000% better then what this image shows:


I have tried shooting it from various angles, with and with out flash, inside, outside, nothing seems to really capture the look of the etch


Speaking of the etch, does anyone have any ideas on how to get more contrast, I have tried a variety of Nitric Acid and Ferric Chloride Solutions and I have even tried various combination of both.

If anyone can offer any help it would be greatly appreciated.


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