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Collection Facelift and Website Update

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Recently I received 3 new spheres for my collection: Uruacu, Black Onaping & one made from a brick from Nininger's Meteorite Museum.

Of the 3, the Uruacu is my favorite but I'm really glad I was able to add an impact melt specimen to the shelf and I'm equally happy about the Nininger Sphere since he is a legend in the community.

While these 3 spheres were being made I re-worked my display shelf. Originally I had a black felt covered base that sat on a shelf in one of my many display cabinets, I collect a lot of stuff.

I decided to replace the shelf with a new black felt covered base and I added more pedestal positions to allow for future growth of my collection. I figured that in my life time I might be able to collect 25 spheres but 2 years into this hobby and I have 12 completed spheres and another in progress.

Here is a picture of the Cabinet:


I also did a major update to my web site. You can view my entire collection at:


Feedback is always appreciated


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