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Possible Wickenburg Meteorite???

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Yo All...A friend dropped by last night to show me a rock he found digging in his front yard in Wickenburg...It was already sliced as you see in the photo...It is about fist sized and weighs 5 lbs....It is not magnetic at all...It has an intricate crystalized structure inside and on one external side there appears to be a smooth crust...It also has caliche on one side ... Does anyone think this might be worth further consideration? Thanks...Ron


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Hi Ron

I doubt it ?? But pix aren't like real up close and personal looks :Huh_anim]: . Even martian basalts and most achondrites are slightly magnetic and lunar should have some white (anthrocite SP?)clasts I think :confused0013: ?? Years ago I found a small complete marble sized ordinary chondrite west of Wickenberg that was given to Dr Kring at the U of A :shrug: . I never heard a word on it , It was probably too small to mess with and I never got back to hunt for more :hmmmmmm: . Maybe some of the experts on here might know what make and model your friends probable leaverite is :idea: ?? Happy Huntin John B.

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