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Unconventional Way to Cut Meteorites

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Some of you may know that I collect 50mm Meteorite Spheres.

Since there are not a lot of them available I had to learn how to make them myself, part of the process is cutting the rough material into a "sphere rough".

I have 2 processes, one I use a core bit to create a 2.080 core which is machined into a rough 50.25mm sphere.

The other is to cut a rough meteorite into a cube that's 52mm which is machined into a rough 51mm sphere.

They both have advantages and disadvantages but I thought some of you might like to know how I cut or "slice" my meteorites since I do not use a conventional method.

I was not happy with the surface a band saw left on a slice I had to sand and polish so I decided to try a different approach.

I purchased an MK-100 Brick/Paver Saw and made a few modifications

Here is a picture of the Saw with the Mods

A - This is the meteorite set in a block of Plaster of Paris. This keeps it aligned so every slice is cut from the same orientation.

B - This is modified Milling Machine Vise. It's what holds the block in place. I noticed that the block deteriorated as I cut more slices. This created tapered slices. To fix this issue I augmented the vise with 2 pieces of angle aluminum which distributes the pressure one the block more evenly

C - This is the depth stop which gives me consistent slice thickness. It's just a bolt clamped to the table.


When cutting a meteorite into a rough I start at the small end and cut 3mm slices until I get to a predetermined section and then I cut a 52mm section. Then the rest is cut into 3mm slices

Once that's done I clamp the 52mm section in the vice 90 degrees to it's original direction and cut each end until I get a 52mm x 52mm section.

This has to be re-set in plaster to make the final slices on the remaining 2 sides.

Each cut takes 15-30 minutes but it's worth the effort.

This method leaves the surface very smooth so I don't have to spend a lot of time sanding off the saw marks which is a waste of time a material.

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Very informative and interesting, I wondered how ya went about making a sphere.

Thanks for sharing with us, I liked the info and got a few ideas now......

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