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Gold Basin 9/29-9/30

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Me and Paul are going out to gold basin tonight. We will get there around 8:00pm.

Going to hunt at night till we get to tired, then all day Sunday.

If any of you guys will be out there we will be in Paul's black 4x4 truck ( the more the merrier)

Might just have to stop by franconia on the way home and try and find Kaimi

missing piece :innocent0009: :laught16:


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Best day at gold Basin so far for me and Paul. I got 5 pieces at night, Paul got 2 pieces at night.

Sunday Paul got 5 pieces and I got 5. We had a great time out there finding them.

Didn't see you out there Jason, if you made it I hope you did well too. Always on the same channel.

My finds





57.2g 3 pieces all fit together

78.2g 2 pieces fit together


Paul's finds

dont remember

but I remember one of his was 100.3g his first 100g + piece very nice.






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No wonder everone is hitting gold basin. With those kind of find I may give it a shot on sunday instead of franconia. NOT!! :laught16: Am still looking to get that third piece to complete my bombucha piece. It sounds like hitting the lottery but anything can happen, right? :Huh_anim]:

Plus Del keeps on telling me I am just too lucky for my own good. Sooooooooooooo! :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen:

Those are some awesome finds guys. Keep it up and make sure you dont cover your tracks, I am brushing up on my tracking skills out at Franconia. :ph34r2:

I may be out at Fraqnconia on Sunday again BUT I will be waaaaay out there for sure. If you spot my blue jeep just keep an eye out for me. If I hit something BIG you will hear me. :woohoo:

Aloha and keep up the great finds,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Mike, I never made it out...my schedule it tight these days, for some unknown reason :grrr01: . I am going down to Rich Hill next weekend to find that first piece of gold for the first push of the 24K claims. Then the GB outing the next weekend, if I can get away from work :grrr01: :PO2: . Doesn't the AF know I need to find meteorites???? :confused0013: :hmmmmmm: I guess not, that's what retirement is for I guess...Nice haul BTW, you guys cleaned up the area I was going to look in....oh well next time. Jason :;):

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