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775 gram Franconian found

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The camp area that has been referred to in many past posts is at the intersection of Old Trails Road and the main road to the Havasu Gold Seekers claims. I visited with the finder of a nugget that was probably several penny weight. He found it in the wash just west of that intersection. The nugget probably broke out of some quartz host rock that had made its way down from the mountains up near the Gold seekers claims. That is the only piece of gold that I have seen or heard of down that low toward I-40. I have seen several real small nuggets that came from the base of the Buck mountains, above the area where you have found some L-chondrites. I have taken samples here and there and never saw narry a speck of gold in my pan.

As far as the North side of the strewnfield------(North of the RR tracks) I personally do not know of any gold being found over there. Nothing would surprise me though, gold is where you find it and sometimes you find it where you least expect it to be, leaving a fella to scratch his head and wonder just how the heck it got there. Fred said it best, that train wreck and massive steam engine explosion is probably the answer to many mysteries at Franconia........ :unsure: :;):


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